Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Read It and Eat Book Club: Spy School

Read It and Eat is our monthly book club for 'tweens.  Read more about Read It and Eat here

What We Read: Spy School by Stuart Gibbs

What We Did: While the kids ate, we discussed the book.  Then we created our own secret agent ID cards, took turns trying out a laser beam obstacle, and got silly with a disguise relay.  For the relay, we split into two teams, and each team had a pile of disguise elements, such as a hat, a pair of costume glasses, a wig, a bow tie, etc.  I set up cones at one end of the room, and kids took turns putting on all of their team's costume elements, running around the cone and back to the start line, and handing the costume off to the next person. 

Highlight: The relay was a huge winner!  We could have done this all night and the kids would have been thrilled.  I was a good reminder that kids sit most of the day in school, and they like to move around! 

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  1. The spy relay race is a great idea! Our library's tween book club is reading Spy School in November. I will be borrowing this activity. Thanks!