Monday, July 20, 2015

Arts and MineCRAFTS

I'm back!  That blogging break was about six months longer than I intended... Summer programming is in full swing, and I'm hoping to highlight a few of our summer events here. 

We hosted an Arts and MineCRAFTS program in June, and it went really well.  We did ask participants to register in advance, because we needed special supplies.  The program was an hour long, and it was open to 2nd-7th graders.  We worked on two projects: perler bead creations and light-up paper torches. 

The perler bead project idea came from this book, which is a real treasure trove.  Most kids made pigs or swords, and we had self-adhesive magnets for those who wanted to be able to stick their creations to the fridge.  A word of advice: have more than one iron!  The only glitchy part of the program was waiting for perler bead projects to be ironed.  Two or even three would have been fantastic. 

The light-up torches came from this blog. I copied the pattern (in color) onto 11" x 17" white cardstock, and the kids LOVED the fact that their torches really lit up. 

All in all, this was a great way to cater to Minecraft fans without worrying about having enough computers for in-person play.  Everyone left brandishing at least one torch and carrying at least one perler bead item.  Hearing the kids talk and help one another while doing the projects was adorable, too. 


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