Monday, October 26, 2015

Monday Mayhem: Dinosaurs!

We had an after-school program for 'tweens as part of our new Monday Mayhem series.  The program was an hour long, and kids could drop in any time during that hour.  We did ask for sign-up so we could prep the right number of materials and ask about food allergies.  I set up the following stations:

  • Chocolate Chip Excavation: kids "excavated" chocolate chips out of cookies, using toothpicks. 
  • Play-Doh Fossils: participants pressed plastic dinosaurs into Play-Doh, resulting in really cool imprints. 
  • Feet and Teeth: I wrote the measurements for T. Rex feet and teeth on the whiteboard, and kids measured out the actual sizes on large paper, cut them out, and took them home.  Just putting the M in STEAM!

  • Make-and-take 3-D raptors 

  •  Dino Drawing

I would definitely do this program again.  It was well-received, and kids loved having the freedom to choose which activities to do.  The activities were pretty easy to put together, and they kept our group busy and happy! 


  1. Did you use chewy or crunchy cookies for the excavation?

    1. Hi Bridget, I used Chips Ahoy cookies, but if I did this again, I'd be inclined to use the kind from a grocery store bakery-- a little chewy, with nice big chocolate chips. The Chips Ahoy were a little tedious for our budding paleontologists because of the small, flaky chips.