Monday, March 17, 2014

Celebrate Kanani!

Our "Celebrate Kanani!" event was planned in honor of American Girl character Kanani, who lives in Hawaii.  After reading the first chapter of Aloha, Kanani, it was time for activity stations:

  • Make a lei using straws, string, and mini cupcake liners
  • Hula hoop-a-rama (usually when I want to do incorporate something like hula hooping into a program, I tack on "-a-rama" to the end or "extreme" to the beginning, so I don't have to call it a contest but it still sounds like fun)
  • Limbo
  • Decorate and write postcards from Hawaii
  • Make a tissue paper hibiscus (Hawaii's state flower!)
We played Beach Boys music in the background. 

We offered two back-to-back sessions; the first was for kindergarten through second grade, and the second was for second grade and up.  The few minutes between the sessions gave us the chance to break out a few extra art supplies (glitter!) for the older kids.   

The Best Part:
I love station-based programs!!!  Participants get to circulate around the room at their own pace, choosing the activities they want to do and spending any amount of time on them. 

In a Perfect World:
I would have added a photo station, with some kind of ocean backdrop and a surfboard.  And I would have added an "ocean in a bottle" craft.  I also would have served pineapple, but since we didn't ask for registration, I didn't have food allergy information. 

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