Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Percy Jackson Celebration and Movie

We've hosted this program twice; it's a great spring break or winter break event.  It takes about two and a half hours, and during school breaks, a lot of families in our community are looking for things to do that are substantial in terms of the time they take up.  Also, we're able to accommodate a lot of kids at this program; whether we get 20 or 60, the prep time is about the same. 

We start off with Greek-inspired projects.  My two favorites are Olympic Torches and Paper Plate Pottery.  For the pottery, we use gold and silver Sharpie markers (use a disposable tablecloth!), and I set out books featuring photos of ancient Greek pottery.  The torches are really simple: roll a large piece of paper (we even used newspaper once) into a cone, tape the edge into place, and stuff red and yellow tissue paper inside. 

Greek-style snacks follow the projects: olives, stuffed grape leaves, cucumber slices, and feta cheese.  We do the projects and finish the snacks before the movie begins to save on clean-up time at the close of the program. 

Participants are asked to register for this program so that we can have an idea of the number of snacks and project materials to prepare, and so that we can ask about food allergies. 

After we've cleaned up the art projects and snacks, we settle in for one of the Percy Jackson movies.  Two hours later, we say our good-byes, and kids go home ready to show off their torches and pottery. 


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